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Arctic Culture Area
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California Culture Area
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Coast Miwok
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Great Basin Culture Area
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Great Plains Culture Area
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Lakota (Teton Sioux)
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Lenni Lenape (Delaware)
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Native Hawaiians
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Nez Perce
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Northeast Culture Area
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Northwest Coast Culture Area
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Plateau Culture Area
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Southeast Culture Area
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Southwest Culture Area
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Subarctic Culture Area
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Idaho Tourism

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Alternative Energy
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Animal Cells
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Artificial Selection
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Asking Questions and Defining Problems
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Black Holes
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Cell Division
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Chemical Changes
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Circulatory System
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Climate Types
Capstone Press; Shutterstock: Alexander Kuguchin, Darlene Cutshall, Elliotte Rusty Harold, George Cole, icarmen13, Jon Bilous, K_Boonnitrod, Kamira, KPegg, Lucy Baldwin, OlegD, pisaphotography, Pommy.Anyani, roundstripe, Stephane Bidouze, Stock4KVideo, Taiftin, Tropinina Olga, Trountnut, Vilainecrevette

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Conservation of Energy
Shutterstock: Andrei Nekrassov, Chones, CoraMax, Dolly, Dutourdumonde Photography, Larysa Drobot, Morphart Creation, Neveshkin Nikolay, Skalapendra

Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions
Shutterstock: Budimir Jevtic, jamesdeanny, mikeledray, Nicku, wavebreakmedia

Shutterstock: Banana Republic Images, bonga1965, Brian Balster, chris kolaczan, Everett Historical, grafxart, guentermanaus, Kameel4u, RTimages, Tuanjai Pratumma

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Digestive System
National Geographic Creative: QA International; Shutterstock: Alila Medical Media, Bogdan Wankowicz, Designua, La Gorda, sciencepics

Shutterstock: Bruce C. Murray, Everett Historical, goodluz, Luiz Ferreira, Rich Lonardo, Robert Adrian Hillman, sima, StudioDo

Dwarf Planets
Dreamstime: Mila Gligoric; NASA: ESA/A. Feild (STScI), ESA/A. Parker (Southwest Research Institute), ESA/Adolph Schaller (for STScI), Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute, JPL-Caltech, JPL-Caltech/ESA/ATG Medialab, JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA; Shutterstock: edobric, Elenarts, Johan Swanepoel; Wikimedia

NASA: Goddard Space Flight Center, JPL; Shutterstock: Adwo, Aphelleon, Designua, hareluya, Maxim Tupikov, Mopic, Nicku, Peter Hermes Furian, seveniwe, turtix

Getty Images: Bettmann; Science Source: Gary Hincks; Shutterstock: Cico, Everett Historical, Leremy, MIVP, Naeblys, Semnic, think4photop, Tom Wang

Electricity and Circuits
Shutterstock: Africa Studio, Chones, Colin Stitt, Designua, Everett Historical, Icatnews, kornilov007, Monkey Business Images, Olivier Le Queinec, SergBob, SJ Travel Photo and Video, snapgalleria, SpaceKris, Volodymyr Burdiak

Science Source: SPL; Shutterstock: AlexandrBognat, Designua, Everett Historical, Mauro Carli, oneinchpunch, sciencepics, snapgalleria

Elements and the Periodic Table
Shutterstock: chromatos, concept w, julie deshaies, marianstock, Paul Stringer, Peter Hermes Furian, vchal

Endangered Species
Shutterstock: atiger, AuntSpray, Bargotiphotography, CrackerClips Stock Media, dangdumrong, David J. Martin, Heiti Paves, Larry B. King, Orhan Cam, Richard Whitcombe, Richard Whitcombe, SASER, Volodymyr Gionyk, wk1003mike, Yann Hubert

Endocrine System
National Geographic Creative: QA International; Shutterstock: Alila Medical Media, Designua, joshya, S K Chavan, Sebastian Kaulitzki, stockshoppe, Syda Productions

Energy and Forces
Newscom: KRT/Simmons; Shutterstock: bikeriderlondon, Designua, Fouad A. Saad, Innershadows Photography, Joel O’Brien, MrStudio2, NoPainNoGain

Erosion and Weathering
NASA: MODIS Science Team/University of Wisconsin-Madison/Space Science and Engineering Center/Liam Gumley; Shutterstock: bjul, iryna1, Jan Mika, Matthew J. Thomas, Rick Ray, ronnybas, steveball, sumikophoto, ventdusud, Zack Frank

Newscom: akg-images, Mint Images/Frans Lanting; Science Source: David Gifford; Shutterstock: Catmando, Nicku, Paul van den Berg, robuart, Ron Rowan Photography, TravelTelly

Excretory System
National Geographic Creative: QA International; Shutterstock: BlueRingMedia, Designua, joshya, Magic mine, MSSA, S K Chavan, snapgalleria, Tefi

Shutterstock: Atomazul, AuntSpray, Catmando, Linda Bucklin, Morphart Creation, Nicolas Primola, Ozgur Coskun, Phonlawat_51, Svetlana Foote, Tekweni1

Dreamstime: Blackkango; FEMA: Jocelyn Augustino; Shutterstock: Armin Rose, David Greitzer, Dean Kerr, Elzbieta Sekowska, fabiodevilla, forestpath, Jerry Horbert, Leonard Zhukovsky, meunierd, Mike Buchheit, Scott Prokop, VaderVideo, Vladimir Melnikov

Food Chains
Shutterstock: Barbo Bergfeldt, bierchen, bikeriderlondon, Claudia Naerdemann, DPS, Family Business, Greg Brave, mario.bono, mchin, NoPainNoGain, Patila, Sergey Uryadnikov

Food Webs
Shutterstock: alinabel, BGSmith, David Dirga, Dennis W. Donohue, DSLR, Inga Nielsen, kzww, Marco Lavagnini, nj1987, old apple, snapgalleria, Sorin Alb, T.M. McCarthy

Forecasting Weather
Shutterstock: Artur Synenko, Dmitri Ma, Images By Kenny, kosmos111, Lavinia Bordea, LittleStocker, M.Stasy, mahey, orbitrob, peresanz, Viktorija Reuta, Vitoriano Junior

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Shutterstock: 3Dme Creative Studio, aekikuis, Alila Medical Media, cigdem, concept w, Designua, Fouad A. Saad, Rob Marmion, snapgalleria, Toa55, Vitoriano Junior

Genes, Chromosomes, and DNA
National Geographic Creative: QA International; Shutterstock: Designua, ellepigrafica, joshya, Rawpixel, Sergey Nivens, Webspark

Genetic Mutations
Shutterstock: Africa Studio, Designua, ellepigrafica, joshya, Maxim Maksutov, Razvan Ionut Dragomirescu, Webspark, WGBH Educ. Foundation

Glaciers as a Water Source
Shutterstock: AsiaTravel, Bernhard Staehli, Dmytro Pylypenko, Gaspar Janos, Jenny Leonard, Rick Ray, saraporn, Sergey Didenko, Sergey_Bogomyako, Thomas Lusth, Tranquility–Photos by Tom

Shutterstock: BGSmith, djgis, Elizabeth C. Zurek, Ingrid Curry, Nancy Bauer, pangcom, Pronghorn Productions, Ricardo Reitmeyer, Ruud Morjin Photographer, Sergey Uryadnikov, Tom Reichner

NASA; Shutterstock: Bertl123, Corepics VOF, Crystal Eye Studio, Designua, Hurst Photo, IM_photo, MIVP, wickerwood

Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming
Shutterstock: Astakhov Alexander, corbac40, David Carillet, Denis Burdin, honglouwawa, Marina Lohrbach, rawcaptured photography, Spotmatik Ltd., Vitoriano Junior

Group Behavior
Shutterstock: Gregory Johnston, John Michael Evan Potter, Johnny Adolphson, Michael Pettigrew, NorwayStock, Oleg Znamenskiy, Paul Vinten, Paulphin Photography

Science Source: Wilson Sutton; Shutterstock: Capreola, ellepigrafica, lotan, Meletios, Monkey Business Images, Ollyy, Victoria Shapiro, Voronin76

Minden Pictures: Ingo Arndt; Shutterstock: Andreas Argirakis, Annaliese Johnson, Bote1973, MarkMirror, Martin Janca, Mike Bauer, saguari, YanLev, zlikovec

Humans and the Atmosphere
Shutterstock: capa55, cigdem, connel, designbydx, Guas, Joyce Vincent, kekartash, studio23, Toa55, Vadim Petrakov

Humans and the Biosphere
Shutterstock: Dutourdumonde Photography, freedomnaruk, Jeffrey B. Banke, Kodda, mariait, Miguel(ito), Photostock10, Rich Carey, Rich Carey, Stock image, studio23, Volt Collection, wavebreakmedia

Humans and the Earth
Shutterstock: anweber, Derinmedia, Dragana Gerasimoski, Huguette Roe, Martin Mecnarowski, Sergey Neupokoev, Signature Message, ssuaphotos, stockfotoart, Take Photo, VanderWolf Images

Humans and the Hydrosphere
Shutterstock: Ahturner, AuntSpray, Inc, Incredible Arctic, John Wollwerth, Maciej Bledowski, Naeblys, photopixel, shutterlk, Tish1, topseller

Alamy: dieKleinert, Photo Resource Hawaii; Getty Images: CON/Stephan Kogelman, Joe Raedle, New York Public Library; Newscom: EPA/Gary I. Rothstein; Science Source: José Antonio Peñas; Shutterstock: Cathy Kovarik, Cheryl Ann Quigley, Dopolous, Harvepino, Lisa F. Young, Marc Pagani Photography, Mishella

Igneous Rocks
Shutterstock: aleks-p, Artography, component, corbac40, Don Mammoser, Frontpage, Nickolay Stanev, Ocskay Bence, pics721, sandatlas, Trazos sobre Papel, Tyler Boyes

Immune System
National Geographic Creative: QA International; Shutterstock: beeboys, CLUSTERX, JPC-PROD, Kateryna Kon, Lightspring, Rob Marmion, Roberto Piras, Sebastian Kaulitzki, toeytoey

Information Technology
Newscom: Jonathan Hordle; Shutterstock: Everett Historical, goodluz, Gorodenkoff, Milkovasa, Monkey Business Images, ProStockStudio

Inherited Traits
National Geographic Creative: QA International; Shutterstock: Boule, Christopher Elwell, Dmitry Kalinovsky, GeK, Giovanni Cancemi, Jens Goepfert, Maggy Meyer, Paul Reeves Photography, Tracy Whiteside

Invasive Species
Getty Images: Joe Raedle; Newscom: Zuma Press/Mike Rochford; Shutterstock: 1082492116, Artenex, Baurz1973, Beth Swanson, Danny E Hooks, Jeff Caughey, Martchan

Jobs in Earth Science
Shutterstock: Adwo, Andrey Armyagov, John A. Davis, Microgen, Minerva Studio, REC Stock Footage, rickephotos, Sergio Ponomarev, Wead

Jobs in Life Science
Shutterstock: Abd. Halim Hadi, belizar, dualstock, Kirsanov Valeriy Vladimirovich, pirita, pixelrain, Sergio Ponomarev, stefanolunardi, wavebreakmedia

Jobs in Physical Science
Shutterstock: antb, Dmitry Kalinovsky, lightpoet, lightpoet, PhotoSky, RGtimeline, SF photo

Dreamstime: Radist; NASA: ESA/G. Bacon and M. Estacion (STScI), ESA/I. de Pater and M. Wong (University of California, Berkeley), Hubble Space Telescope Comet Team, JPL, JPL/University of Arizona, JPL-Caltech, JPL-Caltech/SETI Institute, Ken Hodges; Shutterstock: Everett Art, Kirschner, ldambies, MarcelClemens, Mevan, Mopic, mr.Timmi, Tristan3D

Lakes as a Water Source
Shutterstock: Anton Balazh, Elena Elisseeva, Ethan Daniels, Evgeny Sayfutdinov, JeniFoto, John Wollwerth, Nelu Goia, Nickolay Vinokurov, Pierre Leclerc, stockvideofactory, Vereshchagin Dmitry

Layers of the Atmosphere
Science Source; Shutterstock: Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH, Boris Rabtsevich, Crystal-K, Datskevich Aleh, Designua, Fouad A. Saad, IM_photo, Incredible Arctic, Juhku, Mette Fairgrieve, NoPainNoGain, REC Stock Footage

Learned Traits
Dreamstime: Pslow68; Shutterstock: Claudia Otte, JoLin, Kellymmiller73, LeniKovaleva, Mackland, Maggy Meyer, Oleg Podzorov

Life Cycles
Shutterstock: aekikuis, Catchlight Studio, Doug Lemke, jps, kerstiny, KPG-Payless, Matteo photos, Rashid Valitov, Rick Ray, snapgalleria, Vishnevskiy Vasily

Light Energy
Shutterstock: Anton Petrus, Baldas1950, Designua, eveleen, James Benet, KPG_Payless, Milagli, Naga Venkatesh Sankar R, photoiconix, Przemyslaw Skibinski, Tefi

Light Waves
Science Source: SPL; Shutterstock: Daniel Schweinert, Emi Cristea, fluidworkshop, jordache, Pete Hermes Furian, photoiconix, snapgalleria

Shutterstock: afitz, Alexey V Smirnov, Andrey_Kuzmin, Designua, Dotta 2, Naeblys, Oksana Shufrych, paulaphoto, Shutterstock Prime

Science Source: Cordelia Molloy; Shutterstock: Aleksandr Pobedimskiy, Ezz Mika Elya, Fouad A. Saad, imagedb, koya979, NoPainNoGain, Pat_Hastings, Peter Hermes Furian, Ruslan Grechka, WGBH Educ. Foundation

Dreamstime: Elvira Kolomiytseva; NASA: Goddard Space Flight Center, GSFC, J. Bell (Cornell U.)/M. Wolff (SSI), James Bell (Cornell Univ.)/Michael Wolff (Space Science Inst.)/The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), JPL, JPL/Cornell University, JPL-Caltech/ASU/UA, JPL-Caltech/GSFC/Univ. of Arizona, JPL-Caltech/MSSS, Pat Rawlings, USGS; Shutterstock: Mopic

Measuring and Mapping Weather
Shutterstock: Aleksandr Stepanov, Andrey Armyagov, Barry Blackburn, Dmitri Ma, dvande, Maksym Darakchi, Maksym Darakchi, pixfly, Praisaeng, Rekindle Photo and Video, Robert Adrian Hillman, Vadym Zaitsev

ESA; NASA: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington, JPL; Shutterstock: Allegresse Photography, BasPhoto, mapichai, Mopic

Metamorphic Rocks
Capstone Press; Shutterstock: Ambient Ideas, Artesia Wells, M Andy, Mark Heighes, Mawardi Bahar, Nikitin Victor, Nonnakrit, sandatlas, Sigur, Vladimir Tronin, vvoe

Shutterstock: almond, Eric Isselee, Geoffrey Kuchera, Joe Belanger, Kazakova Maryia, kerstiny, kurt_G, Mathisa, Matt Jeppson, Rick Ray, Steven Russell Smith Photos, vblinov

Dreamstime: Welshi23; Shutterstock: Ana Gram, BMJ, Dmussman, Ethan Daniels, FotoRequest, Jana Shea, JHVEPhoto, jwjarrett, Keneva Photography, melissaf84, MLArduengo, Olivier Juneau, Paul Sparks, Sjoerd van der Wal, Steve Byland

Shutterstock: Alan Bailey, Arto Hakola, c. mokri austria, JGade, Luke Suen, Matt Jeppson, mountainpix, Suzi44

Shutterstock: Adrian Ciurea, Albert Russ, farbled, J. Palys, Julia Reschke, leventina, MarcelClemens, Mclein, MrBright, O.Bellini, Tom Grundy

Molecules and Compounds
Shutterstock: bjul, BlueRingMedia, Designua, Dimitrios Christou, magnetix, qoppi, Ruslan Grechka, schankz, Yuriy Vlasenko

NASA: Goddard Space Flight Center, JPL-Caltech, NOAA; Newscom: Heritage Images/Fine Art Images; Shutterstock: 3DMaestro, Astrobobo, BlueRingMedia, Dean Pennala, gvictoria, Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova, Matyas Rehak, Melissa King, Thomas Nord

Shutterstock: BGSmith, Dennis W. Donohue, Dominik Michalek, Ignacio Salaverria, Robert van der Schoot, Scandphoto, VideoFort, Vitalfoto, Zack Frank

Muscular System
National Geographic Creative: QA International; Shutterstock: Africa Studio, Cliparea/Custom Media, design36, Designua, Helena Ohman, Naeblys, Sebastian Kaulitzki, stihii, Valentyna Chukhlyebova

Natural Resources and the Environment
Shutterstock: Adam Gregor, Delpixel, Dennis van der Water, mitchellsk, Olivier Le Queinec, sciencepics, SpaceKris, stocksolutions, Taina Sohlman, visdia, w.g.design, zhu difeng

Natural Selection
Getty Images: Steve Hansen/The LIFE Images Collection; Science Source: Gary Hincks, Jessica Wilson; Shutterstock: CebotariN, Everett Historical, Evikka, Joseph Scott Photography, Tatiana Shepeleva, Wang LiQuang

Natural Wonders in the Sky
National Geographic Creative: Chris Johns; Shutterstock: Designua, fabiodevilla, Francois Arseneault, Mihai Simonia, Pichugin Dmitry, Shin Okamoto, Traveller Martin, Triff

Natural Wonders in the Water
Alamy: jbdodane; Getty Images: Sean Gallup; Minden Pictures: Norbert Wu; NASA Earth Observatory, Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon; National Geographic Creative: Jason Edwards; Newscom: REX/Phil Rees; Shutterstock: Longjourneys, Natursports, Sapsiwai

Natural Wonders of the Earth
Science Source: Javier Trueba/MSF; Shutterstock: Alvov, alysta, Bill Perry, BL Images, ChameleonsEye, Doug Meek, liseykina, Mariusz S. Jurgielewicz, Richard A. McMillin, ronnybas, Tania Zbrodko, Wollertz

iStockphoto: W6; NASA: ESA/G. Bacon and M. Estacion (STScI), JPL, JPL/STScI, JPL/USGS; Shutterstock: iryna1, Mopic, reziart, Tristan3D; Wikimedia: Magnus Manske

Nervous System
National Geographic Creative: QA International; Shutterstock: Alila Medical Media, Blamb, BlueRingMedia, Jacky Co, Jeff Thrower, sciencepics, Sebastian Kaulitzki, Tefi

Newton’s 1st Law
Shutterstock: Allen.G, anekopho, Corepics VOF, Designua, Flystock, Georgios Kollidas, Josfor, Odua Images, VectorLifestylepic, Zurijeta

Newton’s 2nd Law
Shutterstock: Alexey Lysenko, Cilppen, Dario Vuksanovic, Digital Storm, Everett Historical, EvgeniiAnd, foto76, tatuin, Yuriy Rudyy

Newton’s 3rd Law
iStockphoto: Bonnie Caton, Entrieri, Everett Historical, Kucher Serhii, mezzotint, Rich Carey

Nonrenewable Resources
Science Source: Spencer Sutton; Shutterstock: Anatoly Tiplyashin, Andrey N. Bannov, ArturNyk, corlaffra, deadmeat243, iurii, Jaromir Chalabala, JVrublevskaya, Matej Kastelic, Olga Miltsova, zhu difeng

Newscom: Splash; Shutterstock: divedog, Eugene Kalenkovich, holbox, kaschibo, lynx_v, Rich Carey, Tracey Winholt

Oceans as a Water Source
Shutterstock: Andrea Izzotti, Atlaspix, Designua, fish1715, Incredible Arctic, jukurae

Shutterstock: Alila Medical Media, bluezace, Designua, disample_stock, joshya, NoPainNoGain, phil Holmes, Pretty Vectors, snegok13, stockshoppe

CDC: Blaine Mathison, Dr. Mae Melvin; Dreamstime: Science Pics; Shutterstock: Cosmin Manci, D. Kucharski K. Kucharska, Gallinago_media, Henrik Larsson, IanRedding, Juan Gaertner, Kateryna Kon, Protasov AN, Sergei Primakov

Shutterstock: Designua, Ingrid Prats, Kletr, Kokhanchikov, meunierd, Oxygen, snapgalleria

Physical Changes
Shutterstock: Carlos Andre Santos, Darryl Brooks, Darryl Brooks, Food Lovers, kitty, r.classen, ronnybas, Tatsiana Tsyhanova, Titov Nikolai

Planning and Carrying Out Investigations
iStockphoto: hartcreations; Shutterstock: bikeriderlondon, Dimedrol68, mikeledray, Reece with a C, Sergey Novikov, stockyimages, Uberstock

Plant Cells
Shutterstock: Designua, Dimarion, Dreamy Girl, ellepigrafica, La Gorda, Milena Moiola, wawritto

Shutterstock: fish1715, Geoffrey Kuchera, Huguette Roe, Hung Chung Chih, ittipon, Llona Koeleman, M. Shcherbyna, overcrew, Photographee.eu, Rudy Umans, Sam Chadwick, Undersea

Potential and Kinetic Energy
Shutterstock: Arthur Balitskiy, bikeriderlondon, EpicStockMedia, farbled, Fouad A. Saad, Iaroslav Neliubov, James LePage, KPG_Payless, lightpoet, muratart, Oleksandr Kostiuchenko, REC Stock Footage, wawritto

Properties of Matter
Shutterstock: BlueRingMedia, Designua, Im stocker, Joshua Pedersen, My name is boy, Vadim Sadovski

Radio Waves
Shutterstock: DakotaStudios, Designua, Fouad A. Saad, Francois Arseneault, Ivsanmas, Mauro Carli, Nicku

Rain Forests
Shutterstock: Brandon Alms, Dirk Ercken, Eky Studio, guentermanaus, ImagoPhoto, Martin Mecnarowski, Matt Tilghman, Nature Capture Realfoto, nikitsin.smugmug, Ryan M. Bolton, Salparadis, skelos, STILLFX

Reproductive System
Shutterstock: BlueRingMedia, GD Mohamed, Kim Reinick, koya979, Monkey Business Images, saginbay, Sebastian Kaulitzki, wavebreakmedia

Respiratory System
Shutterstock: Alila Medical Media, BlueRingMedia, Cliparea/Custom Media, decade3d–anatomy online, hxdbzxy, sciencepics

Rock Layers and the Rock Cycle
Science Source: Spencer Sutton; Shutterstock: Doug Lemke, farbled, Fotos593, Greene HD Productions Inc, Lindsay Douglas, Matthijs Wetterauw, Mikhail Nekrasov, Milosz_G, MyImages Micha, Steve Estvanik

NASA: GSFC/JPL-Caltech, JPL/Space Science Institute, JPL-Caltech, JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute; Shutterstock: Clara, Elena Korn, MarcelClemens, Mopic, Morphart Creation, photoplotnikov

Shutterstock: AndreAnita, Andrzej Kubik, Black Sheep Media, Dudarev Mikhail, Eric Isselee, Flystock, Graeme Shannon, javarman, JaySi, Jo Crebbin, Jorg Hackemann, Natalia Pushchina, Photocreo Michal Bednarek

Sedimentary Rocks
Shutterstock: Aleksandr Pobedimskiy, BarryTuck, Benvalee Onthaworn, Chad Palmer, Eduardo Rivero, Fabio Lamanna, MarcelClemens, Nils Versemann, Robert Adrian Hillman, Snap Happy, sonsam, Wide Lens Films, Yunava1

Skeletal System
Shutterstock: Alexander_P, Blamb, Cliparea/Custom Media, debr22pics, Designua, Kniazeff, La Gorda, NoPainNoGain, Potapov Alexander

Shutterstock: Denis and Yulia Pogostins, Designua, Elena Arkadova, Everett Historical, Fathur Rahman, Igor Stramyk, Ivan Veselinovic, Ivan Veselinovic, Merkushev Vasiliy, snapgalleria

Shutterstock: cigdem, hd connelle, Maglara, Maram, Mateusz Fula, phloem, Picsfive, r.classen, Radovan1, Teodora D, Tim UR, Webspark

Sound Energy
Shutterstock: Alila Medical Media, Chris Parypa Photograph, Designua, Fouad A. Saad, Kzenon, Olivier Le Moal, Panaiotidi, Pascal Marchand, solar22, Valentin Valkov

Sound Waves
Shutterstock: Alexander Raths, Alila Medical Media, Black_Diamond, chromatos, Denis Trofimov, Fouad A. Saad, Katerina_S

Space Exploration
NASA: ESA, Goddard Space Flight Center, JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona, JPL-Caltech/University of Wisconsin; Shutterstock: AuntSpray, edobric, Elenarts, Vadim Sadovski, Viacheslav Lopatin; Wikimedia: NASA

Stars and Constellations
iStockphoto: sololos; NASA: ESA/G. Bacon (STScI), ESA/JPL-Caltech; Shutterstock: Dragan Milovanovic, igordabari, MichaelTaylor, sciencepics, shooarts, Traveller Martin, Triff, Yganko, Yoshihiro Miyagi

Streams and Rivers as a Water Source
Shutterstock; 4045, ED Reardon, Frontpage, Galyna Andrushko, Iain Frazer, Igor Jandric, Igor Jandric, Martina I. Meyer, Mikhail Kolesnikov, Miks Mihails Ignats, Rosomak, Sky Light Pictures, Skyward Kick Productions, zlikovec

Shutterstock: ArCaLu, Bong, Grigoriy Pil, K19J2, Leonid Ikan, Maksimilian, Nikitin Victor, Secher, Sergei Drozd, TTphoto, YouraPechkin

Tectonic Plates
Capstone Press; Science Source: Planetary Visions Ltd.; Shutterstock: Amy Nichole Harris, Andrea Danti, AuntSpray, Berzina, Designua, K.Narloch-Liberra, Mopic, robin2

Temperate Forests
Shutterstock: Aleksander Bolbot, Ales Liska, Bruce MacQueen, Csehak Szabolcs, Florin Mihai, Matthew Dixon, Stephane Bidouze, Zack Frank

The Milky Way and Other Galaxies
NASA: ESA/The Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)/Hubble Collaboration, ESA/The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), ESA/Z. Levay and R. van der Marel (STScI)/A. Mellinger, Goddard Space Flight Center, JPL-Caltech, NOAO/ESA/The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA); Shutterstock: Albert Barr, Alex Mit, Anastasios71, John A. Davis, Yury Dmitrienko

The Senses
National Geographic Creative: QA International; Shutterstock: Alila Medical Media, Crisan Rosu, Designua, Dmitry Naumov, LaKirr, Peter Hermes Furian, rendix_alextian, snapgalleria, stockshoppe

The Sun
NASA; NASA/Scientific Visualization Studio; Newscom: Kyodo; Shutterstock: Aaron Rutten, Andrey Armyagov, Astrobobo, Danshutter, Ivannn, John T. Takai, Linda Brotkorb, Mahesh Patil, Triff; SOHO (ESA & NASA)

The Water Cycle
National Geographic Creative: QA International; Shutterstock: aekikuis, bikeriderlondon, BW Folsom, Designua, Dreamy Girl, Nina B, topseller, TTphoto, wawritto

Thermal Energy
Shutterstock: Burben, Deyan Georgiev, Evgeny Atamanenko, Ezume Images, Fouad A. Saad, magnetix, Narongsak Nagadhana, Triff

National Geographic Creative: QA International; Shutterstock: Alila Medical Media, Blamb, Designua, Dimarion, Juan Gaertner, Meoita, paulaphoto, sciencepics

Newscom: Cultura/Jason Persoff Stormdoctor; Science Source: Jim Reed; Shutterstock: deepspacedave, Designua, Melanie Metz, Minerva Studio, MIVP, okili77, pzAxe, Sari ONeal, Steven Bourelle

Alamy: Universal Images Group North America; Getty Images: Marco Garcia; National Geographic Creative: QA International; Newscom: REX/Cameron Laird; Science Source; Shutterstock: Andrea Danti, ChameleonsEye, Christian Vinces, Designua, Just_One_Pic

Shutterstock: Adwo, Alex Polo, AndreAnita, Andreas Altenburger, Maksimilian, outdoorsman, Sergey Uryadnikov, Sever180, Tony Campbell, Vladimir Melnik

NASA: JPL, JPL/STScI, JPL/USGS, JPL-Caltech, Lawrence Sromovsky, University of Wisconsin-Madison/W.W. Keck Observatory; Shutterstock: Area 6, Everett Art, Georgios Kollidas, Joe Belanger, Mopic, photoplotnikov; Wikimedia: NASA

ESA; NASA: JPL, JPL-Caltech/ESA, Scientific Visualization Studio; Shutterstock: bart acke, Diego Barucco, Georgios Kollidas, Gordon Galbraith, janez volmajer, LeniKovaleva, MarcelClemens, Mopic, Morphart Creation, Tom Hirtreiter

Shutterstock: bissig, Blamb, Christos Georghiou, decade3d–anatomy online, jaddingt, MichaelTaylor, Sebastian Kaulitzki, Yuganov Konstantin

Volcanic Eruptions
Capstone Press; Newscom: World History Archive; Shutterstock: Aleksandar Todorovic, Ami Parikh, Azuzl, Dan Lee, Designua, Dr. Morley Read, Elena Kalistratova, Lee Prince, Pfeiffer, Photovolcanica, sandatlas, Serjio74, S-F, silky, Steve Bower, Vacclav, Webspark

Waves and Their Properties
Shutterstock: Chris Van Lennep Photo, Designua, Fouad A. Saad, Matthew Bartolacci, photoiconix

Weather Patterns
National Geographic Creative: QA International; Shutterstock: Designua, Jakinnboaz, Perfect Lazybones, Shelli Jensen, shooarts, Vibrant Image Studio

Shutterstock: Alita Bobrov, Cummings Entertainment, daizuoxin, Dennis W. Donohue, r.classen, Shackleford-Photography, slowfish, thiraphonthongaram

What Are Forces and Motion?
iStockphoto: Jason Lugo; Shutterstock: bikeriderlondon, BlueRingMedia, Carlos Amarillo, dslaven, Everything, imaged, Kai Mortensen, Keith Publicover, Piccia Neri, Pressmaster, supot phanna, wavebreakmedia

What Is Energy?
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What Is the Biosphere?
National Geographic Creative: QA International; Shutterstock: Abd. Halim Hadi, Designua, MichaelTaylor3d, NoPainNoGain, Vilainecrevette

What Is the Geosphere?
Science Source: Spencer Sutton; Shutterstock: 3dViz, edobric, John T Takai, Niyazz, XYZ

What Is the Hydrosphere?
Shutterstock: Active Stock, Denis Burdin, Jo Crebbin, Josef Hanus, Kazakova Maryia, Kichigin, snowway, Willyam Bradberry

NASA: CXC/Univ. of Toulouse/M.Bachetti et al; Shutterstock: CWA Studios, Designua, dualstock, Everett Historical, itsmejust, jannoon028, Khafizov Ivan Harisovich, konmesa, Tyler Olson

iStockphoto: FatCamera, jamesdeanny sturti; Shutterstock: Lopolo, Monkey Business Images, O Driscoll Imaging, Speedkingz

Community Organizations
iStockphoto/andresr; Shutterstock: Helen Fields Hotelfoxtrot, Jenn Huls, Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko, Monkey Business Images, Peter Titmuss, Rawpixel.com, sirtravelalot, SpeedKingz, Suzanne Tucker

Family Types
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Recycling and the Environment
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Social Norms and Taboos
iStockphoto/simonkr; Shutterstock: Alena Ozerova, Freedom_Studio, FS Stock, Ivan Sujan, Kamil Macniak, Monkey Business Images, Orange Line Media, Peter Bemik, Stephen Coburn, txking

iStockphoto: asiseeit, fstop123, Shutterstock: ESB Professional, Helen Fields Hotelfoxtrot, JohnnyHabell, oliveromg, Rawpixel.com

Being Ethical
iStockphoto: Fertnig, GoodLifeStudio; Newscom/Dylan Martinez/Reuters; Shutterstock: Cynthia Farmer, Everett Historical, IZF, MidoSemsem, racorn, Rekindle Photos and Video, wavebreakmedia

Creating Personal Goals
Getty Images/Brian Bahr/Stringer; iStockphoto: asiseelt, Highwaystarz-Photography, ViktorCap; Shutterstock: a katz, Jacek Chabraszewski, Joana Lopes, sebra

Forming an Identity
iStockphoto/FatCamera; Shutterstock: Andrii Oleksiienko, Dmytro Vietrov, Monkey Business Images, Rawpixel.com

Making Decisions
Alamy/Jay Bray; iStockphoto/andresr; Shutterstock: Hung Chung Chih, Iakov Filimonov, KinoMasterskaya, michaeljung, Sergey Novikov, wavebreakmedia

Solving Problems
Getty Images/Cris Bouroncle; iStockphoto/asiseelt; Shutterstock: arka38, Everett Historical, knet, Meg Wallace Photography, Pyty, Syda Productions

Understanding Facts and Opinions
Alamy/Graham Prentice; iStockphoto/Yuri_arcurs; Newscom/Shamil Zhumatov/Reuters; Shutterstock: DW labs Incorporated, George Rudy, Georgios Kollidas, motion.pl, Pressmaster, Sylvia sooyoN

Getty Images/ITN (video); Science Source; Shutterstock: Andrey_Popov, imtmphoto, Monika Wisniewska, Photographee.eu, Pixelbliss, Suzanne Tucker, tomertu, tomom pukesom

Alzheimer’s Disease
Shutterstock: Alexander Raths, Availablelight, bestjeroen, Diego Cervo, Fresnel, Lighthunter, mickyso, Photographee.eu, sfam_photo, Tashatuvango

iStockphoto: KatarzynaBialaslewicz, Linda Epstein; Science Source: Amelie Benoit Khakurei, Burger/Phanie, Nancy J. Pierce; Shutterstock: 18percentgrey, Roman Yanushevsky, Stock Market Films, Tatyana Dzemileva

iStockphoto/chameleonseye; Science Source: Amelie Benoit Khakurei, Spence Grant; Shutterstock: Alliance, Arciom Lobach, goodluz, Tefi, Tinonina, wavebreakmedia

Cerebral Palsy
Getty Images/ITN (vdeo); Science Source/Disability Images; Shutterstock: anyaivanova, belushi, Jaren Jai Wicklund, Lisa F. Young, Olesia Bikei, Pavel L. Photo and Video, sweetmonster

Cystic Fibrosis
Alamy/dpa picture alliance; Getty Images/ITN (video); iStockphoto/KatarzynaBialaslewicz; Science Source/Monica Schroeder; Shutterstock: Alila Medical Media, Amy Myers, hxdbzxy, Konstantin Kolosov

Science Source: Disability Images (video), Veronique Burger; Shutterstock: Capifrutta, dwphotos, Elsa Hoffman, Image Point Fr, Monika Wisniewska, Oleksandr Rybitskiy, pablofdezr

Down Syndrome
Shutterstock: Alila Medical Media, Denis Kuvaev, DGLimages, ESB Professional, Joseph Sohm, karelnoppe, Kopytin Georgy, marcel Jancovic, Monkey Business Images

Alamy: Archive Pics, Rick Wilking/Reuters, Scott Audette/Reuters; Getty Images: Baltimore Sun, David Mepham-WI (video); Shutterstock: Nolte Lourens, pixelaway, science photo, Tinseltown

iStockphoto/cloudburst79; Science Source: Science Source, Veronique Burger; Shutterstock: adriaticfoto, Ideya, Image Point Fr, James Sedgemore, Levranii, Monkey Business Images, Syda Productions

iStockphoto: KatarzynaBialaslewicz, patrickheagney, Pixel_away; Science Source: Alfred Pasieka, BSIP, Dr P. Marazzi, Scott Camazine; Shutterstock: Collin Quinn Lormax, motion.pl

Muscular Dystrophy
Getty Images: Chicago Tribune, Denise Truscello; iStockphoto: nico_65, simonkr; Photo courtesy of Curt Buhl; Science Source: Cecilia Magill, Disability Images, Jean-Paul Chassenet; Shutterstock/Alila Medical Media

Art and Music
Alamy: Madeleine Ratz, National Geographic Creative; Getty Images/Barcroft; Shutterstock: Africa Studio, AQ_taro_neo, Corinna Huter, dmitry_islentev, George Dolgikh, Izian Somai, Marisa Estivill, Markord, Monstar Studio, Pyty, Vladimir Wrangel, wideweb

iStockphoto: Bartosz Hadyniak, gorodenkoff; Newscom: Fine Art Images Heritage Images, Glasshouse Images; North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock: Catwalk Photos, Derek Yamashita, GoneWithTheWind, HitManSnr, Korkusung, Leonardo Emiliozzi, Mikhina Tatyana, PRABHAS ROY, Rawpixel.com, THAWIWAT SAE-HENG

Getty Images/Marc Hoberman; Newscom/akg-images; Shutterstock: Beneda Miroslav, Martin Prague, Maryna Pleshkun, Only Fabrizio, Rick Ray, small1, vinnstock, Vladimir Sazonov, VTT Studio, W. Scott McGill

Alamy/World History Archive; Getty Images: Bettmann, JUNG YEON-JE/Staff, The Lighthouse Film Co, Inc (video), TONY KARMA/Stringer, ullstein bild; North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock: Jannis Tobias Werner, jianbing Lee, Monkey Business Images

Alamy: Art Directors & TRIP, Carol Lee, Novarc Images; Getty Images/Wishing Tree Productions (video); iStockphoto/LeoPatrizi; Shutterstock: ESB Professional, Hans Christiansson, michaeljung, Monkey Business Images; SuperStock/Grant Rooney/age footstock

Shutterstock: Ana del Castillo, Anna_Pustynnikova, Brent Hofacker, DarZel, Dereje, Elsa Hoffmann, Giancarlo Liguori, holbox, Kittipojn Pravallatkul, Leon Rafael, norikko, Prostock-studio, Rawpixel.com, rocharibeiro, SMDSS, Tatiana Brainina

Alamy/Steve Skjold; Getty Images: DEA PICTURE LIBRARY, Jean-Paul Aussenard, YOSHIKAZU TSUNO; iStockphoto/Jesper Elgaard; Shutterstock: CaseyMartin, Corepics VOF, Federica Milella, kaisaya, Karen Sruthers, Live Fire Inc, Monkey Business Images, polkadot_photo, Syda Productions, Tinxi, Zai Di

Getty Images/The Asahi Shimbun; Newscom/HANDOUT/REUTERS; Shutterstock: Balakate, Burlingham, Erika Cross, Everett Historical, khd, Twocoms, W. Scott McGill

Getty Images/Mark Wilson; Shutterstock: ailisa, artcphotos, dreamikon, espies, GTS Productions, JOAT, Nathalie Spellers Ufermann, Pressmaster, Raymond Yong, Suriya99, Tom Wang, videohouse

Getty Images: Andrew Sacks (video), SEA/G.DAGLI ORTI; North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock: Aleksandar Todorovic, alexmisu, Atosan, Breadmaker, Dennis W. Donohue, hxdbzxy, Iakov Filimonov, Kekyalyaynen, Luigi Trevisi, Lukasz Janyst, Magdanatka, Pascal RATEAU, Sergii Rudiuk, vaalaa, Verena Matthew

Languages and Writing
Alamy: Ben Molyneux, CBW; iStockphoto/GlobalStock; Shutterstock: adriaticfoto, Claudio Divizia, CREATISTA, Fedor Selivanov, Fee Jemay, Golden, gpointstudio, Kotomiti Okuma, Sophy Ru

Religions and Traditions
Shutterstock: Antonio Gravante, Art Stocker, beer worawut, Brian Kinney, Donna Ellen Coleman, Elenarts, Fedyaeva Maria, feliks, Leila Ablyazova, leolintang, Napalai Studio, Sergii Rudiuk, Toa55, Volkov Mikhail

Shutterstock: Agnieszka Skalska, Amos Rafaeli, Christian Lagerek, Dave Turner, Ewais, GROGL, Nickolay Khoroshkov, Olaf Speier, Pavel Nesvadba, riopatuca, Rudmer Zwerver, S-F, Smitry Kalinovsky, TonyV3112, Trong Nguyen, William Perugini

Shutterstock: 3Dalia, aslysun, decade3d-anatomy online, Everett Historical, Javier Regueiro, MAGNIFIER, Peteri, racorn, Sirirat, Supoj Pongpancharoen, Surapol Usanakul, VGstockstudio

Alamy: Newzulu, Nigel Hicks, picturesbyrob; Getty Images/Bryan Chan; Shutterstock: Designua, keantian, Longjourneys, Mike Shooter, Ruslan Gusev, Sawat Banyenngam, Sunflowerey, testing, Victor Lauer

Shutterstock: Everett Historical, GiuseppeCrimeni, Goran Bogicevic, Northfoto, Sophie Lenoir, Veni Vidi Vici

Human Rights
Getty Images/Broderick/Stringer; Shutterstock: Charles Haire, Foto593, George Allen Penton, karelnoppe, Marco Crupi, Rick Ray, Sadik Gulec, StanislavBeloglazov, structuresxx

Natural Disasters
Getty Images: ANDREW HOLBROOKE, Barcroft Media, Bernard Weil, FREDERIC J. BROWN, JIM WATSON, NurPhoto, Steve Larson; Science Source: Gary Hincks, Images and Volcans, Peter Menzel; Shutterstock: ArtbeatsEXPRESS, Christian.dk, Designua, Harvepino, Minerva Studio, Naeblys, Paco Espinoza

Conflict over Natural Resources
Getty Images/Olivier Polet; iStockphoto/yoh4nn; Newscom: Pictures From History, TUGELA RIDLEY/EPA; Shutterstock: Anthony Berenyi, Danielle Baslderas, DrimaFilm, Everett Historical, iurii, Jordi C, Lee Prince, longtaildog, robertonencini, VideoFort

Newscom: John Alevroyiannis/Mirrorpix, Polaris; Shutterstock: ART production, creativemarc, GagliardiImages, Joseph Sohm, Mettus, Monkey Business Images, nomadvideo, oatjo, Richard Cavalleri, rm

Alamy: Newzulu, Paul Doyle, Richard Wareham Fotografie; iStockphoto: agustavop, andresr; Shutterstock: AYA images, EQRoy, Faraways, Fotokostic, giddyuptimelapse, Joseph Sohm, kosolovskyy, Lisa F. Young, Rainer Plendi, Sailom, Salvador Aznar, StevenK, vinnstock, WindVector

Creating a Budget
Shutterstock: Andrey_Popov, Casper 1774 Studio, Dmitry Kalinovsky, Iryna Tiumentseva, JohnKwan, pikselstock, Rawpixel.com, Ryman, Syda Productions

Earning Money
Glow Images/Hero Images; North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock: Andrey_Popov, Jamie Hooper, Josh randall, Richard A. McGuirk, tsyhun, VIA films, wavebreakmedia

Shutterstock: a katz, Helen Fields Hotelfoxtrot, Joseph Sohm, lembi, Monkey Business Image, Pongsatorn Singnoy, Syda Productions, wavebreakmedia

Saving Money
iStockphoto/vgajic; Shutterstock: Africa Studio, Bart Sadowski, Christina Richards, Corepics VOF, Darko Zelijkovic, designer491, Iarry1235, Kemal Taner, suksom, Trong Nguyen

Spending Money
Shutterstock: Billion Photos, dean bertoncelj, Everett Historical, Ivelin Radkov, MACKAY PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC, Milkovasa, Rawpixel.com, Tyler Olson, Uberstock

Supply and Demand
iStockphoto/zoranm; Shutterstock: 06photo, Andrey Sosr, Dusit, panpote, tcly, Tyler Olson, Yomka

Understanding Credit
Shutterstock: Andrey_Popov, Brian A. Jackson, Burlingham, Casper1774 Studio, goodluz, Jacob Lund, Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley, motion.pl, Olleg, Stokkete

What is a Free Market System?
Getty Images/Print Collector; Shutterstock: 06photo, Alison Hancock, Bankoo, Dan_Jesperson, George Rudy, Martin Good, Monkey Business Images, Tyler Olson

Alamy/National Geographic Creative; Getty Images/Sky News/Film Image Partner (video); Science Source: Pascal Goetgheluck, Peter Menzel; Shutterstock: Celiafoto, CHAINFOTO24, Jacob Lund, Jannarong, Microgen, Sergey Uryadnikov, Steve Bower

Civics and Political Science
Alamy: Marmaduke St. John, Zuma Press; iStockphoto: asiseelt, Iabsas; Shutterstock: claudia veja images, Iakov Filimonov, Jose Gil, Milles Studio, Monkey Business Images, Rick Ray

Shutterstock: Dmitry Pichugin, michaeljung, Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko, Monkey Business Images, oliveromg, Sasa Prudkov, smolaw, Stock Footage Inc, stockphoto mania

Economics and Finance
Shutterstock: Andrey_Popov, g-stockstudio, Mark Van Scyoc, Multifocus, Natee K. Jinakum, Olivier Le Queinec, Rawpixel.com, Robert Przybysz

Alamy: Mark Gibson, Steve Morgan; Getty Images/The Washington Post; Shutterstock: Alison Hancock, Arina P Habich, aSuruwataRi, CandyBox Images, Lisa F. Young, Mike Pellinni, nostal6ie, Rawpixel.com, Rick Ray, Toa55

Getty Images” Chris Hondros, Frazer Harrison; iStockphoto/chameleonseye; Newscom/ALEX GRIMM/REUTERS; Shutterstock: Agenturfotografin, Gherzak, Monkey Business Images, SkyworksRF, StockLite

Alamy/Enigma; Getty Images: Mark Wilson, Yellow Dog Productions Inc (video); Shutterstock: bikeriderlondon, Everett Historical, everything possible, Galiullin Ruslan, GaudiLab, gwb, jsp, Steven Frame, wavebreakmedia

Getty Images/ullstein bild; iStockphoto: FatCamera, KatarzynaBialaslewicz; Science Source/Thierry Berrod, Mona Lisa Production; Shutterstock: CandyBox Images, Magic mine, Olimpik, Photographee.eu, Uber Images, wavebreakmedia

iStockphoto/Luka Lajst; Shutterstock: A and N photography, Aizuddin Saad, Alex Brylov, Helen Fields Hotelfoxtrot, Jacob Lund, Monkey Business Images, sirtravelalot

Shutterstock: Andrzej Kubik, Bill Kret, Dmitry Eagle Orlav, ekler, Elenarts, Fabio Lamanna, Frontpage, Ivoha, Olga Grinblat, Orhan Cam, paulijuppi, Pichugin Dmitry, Shinelu, TravelNerd, tusharkoley, Villiers Steyn

Newscom/akg-images; Shutterstock: Andreea Dragomir, bikeriderlondon, Designua, Dmytro Pylypenko, Elenarts, fivepointsix, Foto Mous, Mariusz Potocki, Sergey Tarasenko; Superstock/Biosphoto

Shutterstock: Abdreas Hie, anekoho, Anton Jankovoy, chuyuss, Cuiphoto, dibrova, Elenarts, ESB Professional, Katvic, Ondrej Prosicky, Sasapee, Sean Pavone, stephen Rudolph, TripDeeDee Photo, zhuda

Shutterstock: Alizada Studios, AustraliaCamer, Byelikova Oksana, Chris Watson, Elenarts, gaborbasch, Kanchana Sukhatip, Martin Maun, N Mrtgh, NathanAN, okili77, Peter Hermes Furian, siwawut, zstock

Shutterstock: A_Lesik, Alexandru Logel, Anna Maksimyuk, Blue Tuna Ltd, blutack, Elenarts, Krzyzak, MarinaDa, pcruciatti, PhotocechCZ, Seqoya, Shaiith, SuranyiMate, Viacheslav Lopatin

North America
Shutterstock: Aleksandar Todorovic, Elenarts, Galyna Andrushko, Hank Shiffman, Jess Kraft, Kamira, MarkVanDykePhotography, Martin M303, NaturesMomentsuk, Pedro Helder Pinheiro, Photo Image, Spotmatik Ltd, View Apart, Vivid Pixels, West Coast Scapes

South America
Shutterstock: Alice Nerr, Elenarts, Fotos593, Gabriel Rojo, IDAK, Maciej Bledowski, marchello74, Marcos Amend, natkom, Paulo Vilela, sunsinger, Tacio Philip Sansonovski, Travel Stock, Vitoriano Junior, vitormarigo

Appalachian Mountains
Shutterstock: alslutsky, Colorapt Media, Dave Allen Photography, Debbie Steinhausser, Designua, ESB Professional, Jon Bilous, Konstantin L, MarkVanDykePhotography, Paul Tessier; Wikimedia/USGS

Grand Canyon
iStockphoto/desertsolitaire; Shutterstock: Aneese, Anton_Ivanov, Greene HD Productions Inc, Jiri Foltyn, Jorg Hackemann, Mike Buchheit, prochasson Frederic, Skreidzeleu, sumikophoto

Great Lakes
Getty Images/UniversalImagesGroup; iStockphoto/estt; Newscom/KINA/Bertus Webbink; Shutterstock: Ivan Cholakov, JJMedia, MariskaVegter, Nagel Photography, Rainer Lesniewski, Roman Babakin, Thomas Barrat, Tom Reichner, Xin Qiu

Great Salt Lake
Alamy/Don Despain; Newscom/J.C. Butter Glasshouse Images; North Wid Picture Archives; Shutterstock: Andrew Zarivny, Boykov, Dennis W Donohue, Johnny Adolphson, Marco Regalia, Napat, Neil Burton, R.L.Hausdorf, Wesley Aston

Mississippi River
Newscom: ERIK S. LESSER/EPA, Satellite and Aerial Images/Universal Images Group; North Wind Picture Archives; Science Source/Byron Jorjorian; Shutterstock: Gerald Marella, kwan tse, Orhan Cam, Photo Image, Rainer Lesniewski, Rick Ray, Tomaz Kunst

Niagara Falls
iStockphoto/Orchidpoet; North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock: Chawalit Siwaborwornwattana, CPQ, FotoRequest, Joao Virissimo, jorome, Nick Doronin, Pete Spiro, Skyward Kick Productions

Rio Grande
Alamy/Jim West; North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock: Felix Mizioznikov, Hank Shiffman, kojihirano, Kristy Swanson, Linda Moon, Rainer Lesniewski, Robert Saitta, Tamara Stanaland

Rocky Mountains
iStockphoto/bfophoto; North Wind Picture Archives; Science Source/Henning Dalhoff; Shutterstock: ArtBitz, Constantine Androsoff, f11photo, Kris Wiktor, marekuliasz, Nature Art, Ryan DeBerardinis, welcomia

Natural and Human-Made Boundaries
Shutterstock: Alxcrs, Filipe Frazao, Kopteva Marina, Lester Balajadia, pavalena, Rainer Lesniewski, UnknownLatitude Images, Volina, zol studios

Population Concentrations
Alamy/Maxime Dube; North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock: Anton Balazh, blvdone, chuyuss, Cris Foto, Denis Saragionvski, Dmitry Kalinovsky, dnaveh, Everything possible, eXpose, Kenneth Sponsler, photo.ua, Robert Hoetink, Simon Dannhauer

Reading Maps
Getty Images/Martin Lisius; Shutterstock: Andrey Armyagov, ekler, Globe Turner, Leremy, Long Quattro, Nomad_soul, NoPainNoGain, Peteri, Pincasso, satoja satuja

State Capitals
Alamy: Catherine Brown, Franck Fotos, RGB Ventures/Superstock, Stillman Rogers; Getty Images: Education Images, Raymond Gehman; iStockphoto/sestevens; Newscom/Andre Jenny Stock Connection Worldwide; Shutterstock: Ace Diamond, aceshot1, Action Sports Photography, Allen.G, Andrw Zarivny, Aneta Waberska, B Calkins, Charles Knowles, EQRoy, Erika J. Mitchell, ESB Professional, Everett Historical, f11photo, Ffooter, Fotoluminate LLC, Guillermo Olaizola, Henryk Sadura, JPL Designs, Ken Wolter, Kushal Bose, Lincoln Rogers, LynnMedia, Mark Skainy, Mindy Bockewitz, Nagel Photography, Nick Fox, Sailbal Ghosh, Sean Pavone, Songquan Deng, StudioOneNine, Sue Smith, Suzanne Tucker, Trong Nguyen

Global Communication
Shutterstock: Bloomicon, Everett Historical, Gunner Pippel, Haywire Media, Monika Wisniewska, Photographee.eu, Rawpixel.com, Spotmatick Ltd

Newscom/Oxford Science Archive Heritage Images; Science Source/Jessica Wilson (video); Shutterstock: Aila Images, Andrew Buckin, Darren Baker, Designua, Everett Historical, Harvepino, RTimages, Samrith Na Lumpoon

Getty Images: Bettmann, Hulton Archive, PhotoQuest, Science and Society Picture Library, Three Lions; Newscom/Hennessey/Splash News; Shutterstock: Action Sports Photography, Elzbieta Sekowska, Everett Historical, LanaElcova, Mino Surkala, Rick Ray, Scharfsinn

Getty Images/Science and Society Picture Library; Shutterstock: Everett Historical, Patty Chan, Rawpixel.com, sheyno, Timofeev Vladimir, wavebreakmedia, Ye Liew

Getty Images/Al Fenn; Science Source; Shutterstock: adike, adriaticfoto, Aleksandar Karanov, Everett Historical, Ezume Images, UGREEN 3S

Getty Images: Evening Standard, Mirrorpix; Science Source/British Library; Shutterstock: asharkyu, Everett Historical, FabrikaSimf, Fedor Selivanov, Nirat.pix, science photo, WUTTISAK PROMCHOO

Getty Images/George Rinhart; Glow Images/Janie Airey; Science Source/Bildagentur-online/Tschanz; Shutterstock: Alila Medical Media, Denys Prykhodov, Everett Historical, guteksk7, LDprod, POM POM, Rick Ray

Internet Publishing
Shutterstock: Africa Studio, Diego Cervo, Georgejmclittle, Jeramey Lende, MaxxiGo, mmkarabella, Monkey Business Images, SpeedKingz, welcomia

Online Safety
Shutterstock: Blend Images, Cefo design, Chinnapong, JMiks, oliveromg, Rawpixel.com, Ronnachai Palas, SpeedKingz, wavebreakmedia

What is the Internet?
Getty Images: MIGUEL RIOPA, Science and Society Picture Library; Shutterstock: beboy, DDCora, Denys Prykhodov, ESB Professional, Georgejmclittle, Has-Joachim Roy, Inara Prusakova, nmedia, Rawpixel.com

Executive Branch
Getty Images: Bloomberg, Buyenlarge, Chip Somedevilla, Hearst Newsreel (video), Mark Wilson, TIBBON/AFP; Shutterstock: Joseph Sohm, Orhan Cam

Judicial Branch
Getty Images: Bettmann, Image Works, Yellow Dog Productions Inc (video); iStockphoto: Image Source, RichLegg; Shutterstock: eurobanks, Sea Pavone, Victor Moussa

Legislative Branch
Alamy/DOD Photo; Getty Images: Drew Angerer, FedNet (video), MCT; Newscom/Staff KRT; Shutterstock: Ferhat, Kamira, Roman Babakin

Understanding Checks and Balances
Getty Images: Alex Wong, FedNet (video), JIM WATSON; Shutterstock: Kristi Blokhin, Andrey_Popov, Angel Soler Gollonet, Joseph Sohm, JPL Designs

Citizen Responsibilities
iStockphoto/josephhgruber; Shutterstock: Africa Studio, bikeriderlondon, Burlingham, Diego G Diaz, Everett Historical, KieferPix, Pamela Au, Photographee.eu, Rick Ray, Syda Productions

Getty Images/Historical; Shutterstock: Everett Historical, Marzolino, Rena Schild, Rick Ray

Federal Government
Alamy: Media Punch Inc, Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly, Stock Connection Blue, Wiskerke; Getty Images: Alex Wong, JIM WATSON, Onyx Media, Lic-Footage; Newscom/Olivier Douliery/SIPA; Shutterstock: Angel Soler Gollonet, Orhan Cam, Steven Frame

State Government
Alamy/ZUMA Press Inc; Getty Images: Christopher Capozziello/Stringer, Getty Images; Shutterstock: amadeustx, CrackerClips Stock Media, Fotoluminate LLC, Juli Hansen, koya979, RRuntsch, welcomia

Local Government
iStockphoto/Smileus; Shutterstock: Barry Blackburn, Cary Kalscheuer, ChameleonsEye, Dominick Jr, Frank Merfort, ND700, Ocean Image Photography, stock_photo_world, stockelements

Abraham Lincoln
North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock: Everett Historical, Rick Ray

Dwight Eisenhower
Getty Images: Library of Congress, PhotoQuest; Newscom: akg-images, Everett Collection, Glasshouse Images, National Archives/MCT, U.S. Army via CNP; Shutterstock/Rick Ray

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Alamy/Everett Collection Historical; Newscom: akg-images, Everett Collection, Ingram Publishing; Shutterstock/Rick Ray

George Washington
Alamy/Pictorial Press; Getty Images/Smithsonian (video); Newscom: akg-images, Everett Collection; North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock: Everett Historical, Everett Historical-Art, Victorian Traditions

John F. Kennedy
Getty Images: Bettmann, Corbis Historical, Historical, Hulton Archive, Keystone/Staff, Stringer; Newscom: CNP/AdMedia, CNP/AdMedia/SIPA, Robert Knudsen/dpa/picture-alliance; Shutterstock/Rick Ray

Theodore Roosevelt
Getty Images/Smith Collection/Gado/Contributor; Newscom: Everett Collection, The Print Collector Heritage Images; Shutterstock: Everett Historical, Rick Ray, Zack Frank

Thomas Jefferson
Newscom: Active Museum/Le Pictorium, Album/Prisma, Glasshouse Images; North Wind Picture Archive; Shutterstock: Chris DeRidder and Hans VandenNieuwendij, Daniel M. Silva, Everett Historical, Jess Kraft, Steve Heap

Ulysses S. Grant
Getty Images: Heritage Images/Contributor, Interim Archives, MPI/Stringer; Shutterstock: Everett Historical, Joe Ravi, John Wollwerth, Rick Ray

Discovering America
Getty Images/Archive Photos/Stringer; North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock: Everett Historical, Gualberto Becerra, meunierd, Peter Hermes Furian, pisaphotography, Rick Ray, Triff

American Colonies
Getty Images: Bettmann, MPI/Stringer, Sky News/Film Image Partner; North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock/Everett Historical

Revolutionary War
Newscom: Album/Prisma, Everett Historical; North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock: Everett Historical, Storytellers

Westward Expansion
Alamy: ClassicStock, Cliff Keeler, Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc, Everett Collection Historical; Getty Images: Bettmann, Hulton Archive, MPI/Stringer, Smithsonian; North Wind Picture Archives; Science Source/Photo Researchers; Shutterstock: Deatonphotos, Everett Historical, Jose Gil

Civil War
Alamy: Archive Images, Classic Image; Getty Images/Stock Montage; Library of Congress/Prints and Photographs Division; North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock: Everett Historcial, ReenactmentStock

Industrial Revolution
Alamy: Everett Collection, Randy Duchaine, USDA Photo; Getty Images: Education Images/UIG, Handout; iStockphoto/AlexKontz; Newscom: Album/Prisma, Album/sfgp, Picture History, UPPA/Photoshot; Shutterstock: Everett Historical, Rick Ray

The US in World War I
Alamy: Chronicle, Universal Images Group North America LLC; Getty Images/Bettmann, Historical, Hulton Archive, Popperfoto, Underwood Archives; Newscom: Glasshouse Images, Ken Walsh, Stapleton Historical Collection, UPPA/Photoshot; Shutterstock: Everett Historical, Rick Ray

The US in World War II
Getty Images: Bettmann, Galerie Bilderwelt, Universal History Archive; Newscom: akg-images, Album/Fine Art Images, Album/Oronoz, Everett Collection, Pictures From History; Shutterstock: Everett Historical, IgorGolovniov, Rick Ray

20th Century Social Movements
Alamy/Everett Collection Historical; Getty Images: Bettmann, Chicago History Museum, William Lovelace; iStockphoto/ilbusca; Shutterstock: Everett Historical, Rick Ray

Current Events
iStockphoto: ForsterForest, joeynick; NASA; Shutterstock: Blend Images, Dan Howel, dibrova, goodluz, India Picture, Michael-John Wolfe, Ross Helen, Triff

Articles of Confederation
Alamy/Danita Delimont; Getty Images: De Agostini Picture Library, Hulton Archive; North Wind Picture Archives; Shutterstock: chrisdomey, Everett Historical, Georgios Kollidas, Rick Ray

The Bill of Rights
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The 13th Amendment
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Declaration of Independence
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Emancipation Proclamation
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Magna Carta
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Virginia Plan
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History of National Celebrations
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Cesar Chavez
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Understanding Timelines
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Arlington National Cemetery
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Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell
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Library of Congress
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Lincoln Memorial
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Mount Rushmore
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State of Liberty
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Washington Monument
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The White House
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American Flag
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Bald Eagle
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Pledge of Allegiance
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